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We won ANOTHER national food award...that's two so far and we're just getting started! SasaPops brand artisan frozen pops is now a USA Taste Champion. Read the details below! U.S.A. TASTE CHAMPIONSHIP

– Sasapops Artisan Frozen Pops –


Northern California, Friday, March 30, 2012 – Sasapops Artisan Frozen Pops were selected as a winning product line in the category of retail “Gourmet Frozen Ice Pops.” Their “Apple Pie a la mode,” “Salted Peanut Caramel,” “Pumpkin Pie Pop,” “Carrot Cake Pop,” “Blueberry Cheesecake Pop,” “Passionfruit Pop,” “Pink Guava Pop,” “Raspberry Lychee Lemon Drop Pop,” and “Blackberry Lemon Pop,” were judged Superior. The judging was conducted “triple blind” in Northern California by a panel of Chef Masters of Taste.

“We commend the culinary commitment of the staff of Sasapops Artisan Frozen Pops for the innovative flavor profiles of their product line. We applaud them commented,” our Masters of Taste Chef Taste panel. The protocols of “triple blind” judging include the following ground rules to ensure accurate and fair judging results. Evaluators do not know:

1. Who the manufacturer is 2. What the product variety or appellation is 3. What the other evaluators’ scores and comments are

The judging was a part of the on-going U.S.A. Taste Championships founded in 1986 with the establishment of Chefs In America, whose professional board members gather weekly to conduct taste tests on a myriad of foodservice and retail grocery products.

Sasapops Artisan Frozen was declared a U.S.A. Taste Champion.


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