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Award Winning Frozen Pops

No food scientists. No added flavors or colors. No funky gums or stabilizers. Just pure goodness frozen on a stick. Sasapops brand frozen pops by Sasaweets are the result of years tinkering with fruits, freezers, candies and desserts. What started out as an all natural treat inspired by our mom's "ice candy" has become a signature line of decadent dessert and fruit bars. Made with the fewest ingredients possible, Sasapops are pure pops packed with freshness and flavor. Proudly handcrafted in small batches, Sasapops are the world's best all natural frozen pop. 

  • 2012 Award of Excellence presented by Chefs in America & American Masters of Taste
  • 2012 Food & Beverage Product innovation Award presented by the National Restaurant Association

Dessert Pops

All of our ingredients can be found in any well stocked gourmet kitchen. No weird stuff.

 Fruit Pops

Everything is made by hand in micro batches. No big machines, just real people.


People deserve to be treated well. Who wants junky stuff or janky service? Come taste the good life

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