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Real Toppings=Real Smiles

Let's face facts. Vegas is hot! Not just hawt, but for real, standing in an oven wearing jeans hot! Locals know that you don't drink sugary sodas to hydrate. Locals also know know snow is way more refreshing than frozen yogurt.

Take a trip to ChillSpot by SasaSweets. We offer the absolute best snow in Las Vegas. You won't find any of that off the shelf snow cone syrup here. We make all of our syrups, by hand, using only pure cane sugar. Unlike all the other Shave ice places in town, we offer real fruit syrups made from, you guessed it, real fruit. That makes SasaSnow the healthiest, most refreshing snow you've had since your mom made some way back remember...the same summer when the dog pushed you in the pool...and we all laughed...yeah, that summer was awesome.

Classic Shave Ice

Everything you love about shave ice...just better cause we don't use that off the shelf syrup. Our syrups are made using only Pure Cane Sugar.

All Natural Snow

In our world, Mother Nature rules. So we partnered with her to make the syrups for our all natural snow. Real fruit syrups make the best snow.

International Snow

The first dessert snow was served in Ancient Rome. Since then people around the world have loved all kinds of snows. Wanna taste? C'mon by, we have it all.

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